Regulatory Compliance Testing

Helping Manufacturers Comply with Constantly Evolving Federal and California Regulations

Evaporative Emissions Testing

ATDS routinely conducts In-Use Verification Program (IUVP) evaporative testing for major OEMs. We support evaporative emissions testing for PZEV/LEVII vehicles in addition to various other vehicles and fuel systems.


Our evaporative testing services include:


SHED Testing

  • CARB TP902 evaporative emissions testing for 2008 and later
  • TP933 thermal cycling, pressure cycling, slosh stabilization
  • Evaporative canister purge strategy development
  • In-use canister performance studies

Our Variable Volume Variable Temperature (VVVT) SHED is capable of Federal and California Enhanced 2 and 3-day test sequences.


We are well-equipped to support:

  • Evaporative Diurnal SHED Testing
  • Running Loss Evaporative Test Cell
  • On-Board Vapor Recovery (ORVR) SHED with Refueling and Spitback Capabilities
  • Fuel Conditions Certification for ORVR and Motorcycle Evaporative Testing

CARB Executive Order (EO) Testing

California Vehicle Code, section 27156 (VC27156) and the Federal Clean Air Act(CAA) prohibit vehicle modifications which increase motor vehicle emissions.

However, since most properly engineered parts do not increase emissions, the laws allow for exemptions for the installation of parts proven by their manufacturer and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) not to increase emissions. The process by which these exemptions are granted is via an Executive Order (EO).

ATDS can acquire the necessary vehicles, perform modifications, conduct the required tests, and provide reports of the results to ultimately grant a CARB Executive Order.

EPA & CARB Regulatory Compliance Testing


We have been helping our clients comply with constantly evolving regulations for over 30 years. This includes:


  • Large Spark Ignition Engines for off-road use (LSI)
  • Small Spark Ignition Engines for off road use (SORE), hand-held power equipment
  • Off-road recreational vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs
  • Evaporative permeation testing using CARB TP-902
  • Marine engine emissions testing and certification
  • CAP 2000 compliant IUVP automotive emissions testing
  • In-Use Monitoring data collection and reporting in compliance with 13CCR 1968.2


DOT Safety Certification


ATDS can manage your DOT / NHTSA safety certification program and conduct FMVSS testing with our partner crash testing facility.


Starting with a preliminary product evaluation, we can progress your product through the testing and improvement phase, and then manage the FMVSS testing and certification process.

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