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    Automotive Testing (ATDS) is working with the Air Resources Board (ARB) to conduct emissions research by testing trucks across the U.S. If your truck has any of the following engines listed below, your truck can be selected to participate.  Your cooperation will help the ARB efforts to better understand air pollution from heavy-duty diesel, natural gas, and gasoline vehicles.


    If your truck is selected…


    • We will arrange the pick up your vehicle. We will keep your vehicle for up to a duration of two months.
    • During the 2-8 week period, we will perform a series of tests on your vehicle to measure the emissions.


    The incentives to be awarded are as follows:


    • Your vehicle will be washed
    • Your vehicle will be returned with a full tank of fuel and DEF
    • You will be paid a cash incentives up to $1000 per week


    For more information and frequently asked questions please visit The California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board.



Engine Model Year Engine Size Class Fuel
2012-2015 6.7L MHDD DIESEL
Engine Model Year Manufacturer Engine Family Engine Class Fuel
2010 Cummins ACEXH0912XAP 14.9L ISX15  HHD Diesel
2010 Detroit Diesel ADDXH14.8EED DD15 HHD Diesel
2011 Ford BFMXE06.8BWX 6.8L V10 2V "E-450" HDO Gas
2011 Cummins BCEXH0540LBG 8.9L ISL G UB CNG
2012 Ford CFMXH06.7B23 6.7L 4V F-Series "F-650" LHD Diesel
2012 Navistar CNVXH04660GB** 7.6L A230H, A230, A215 MHD Diesel


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